eprotections Supports Overseas Payment Collection

We help with payment collection from your overseas clients

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International remittance services

Be empowered to manage all your payments on one platform


Allow your customers to make payment with their credit cards. eprotections API system integration accepts credit card transfer from Visa, MasterCard,  American Express, Diners Club International and
JCB. This integration allows your clients to make payments from your website seamlessly.


There will be no limitations to the number of times or amount of funds needed to be remitted. This relatively help to increase the company’s cash flow as payments made by clients can be remitted by the next business day. With better source of cash flow allow businesses to maximise its runway.


Companies often put their funds in eprotections account for safekeeping purposes. In any case of emergency needs, funds can be activated anytime
for remittance purpose. Credit risks are minimise
to its lowest as funds deposited for remittance purpose are managed separately from the assets owned by eprotections.

We reduce the cost of Business to Business Payment;Global Funds Transfer Fees;Business to Consumer Payment;Paperwork
No limits to how far your business can expand. Exclusively for eprotections clients. Eprotections fits global expansion business needs.

Enjoy the lowest service fee available in the industry

The service fee of international funds transfer has been reduced to as low as 1/5 of the original amount to be paid to the bank.With eprotections’ partnership with major banks, we are able to provide an exclusive reduction in service fees to our clients.
Service fees are charged at a flat rate with the exception of the global exchange rate. companies will notice a significant reduced in the cost of overseas funds transfer.

Trusted by banks, merchants and customers

Banks in various countries abides the strict regulation and screening process for corporate companies to set up a bank account. eprotections narrows the gap for the concerns of payment collection in foreign overseas companies that are looking to expand their business into foreign markets around the globe. This allows company to increase in its business opportunities and lower the barrier of entry to other countries.

Manage and take control of all transactions

Regardless of the location or time-zone of your business, you will be able to track the status of your funds after every payment is made by clients. Payment receivable will be notified by e-mail and a remittance statement will be reflected on the administration page after every payment is initiated by clients. This feature enables you to simplify the way you create company’s finance report and improves tracking on the movement of your business cash flow.

How eprotections helps your business
Transactions between different countries

In an event of providing services or goods to an overseas client, eprotections allows payments to be made in the client’s local currency and allow the company to receive the payment in their respective currency for convenience, at no additional cost.