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With the help of eprotections, we offer the perfect overseas funds transfer payment solution at an affordable rate to ease the burden of heavy transactional cost for both consumers and merchants.
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With the high demand of globalisation, there has been an increase in international money transfer made by consumers. To meet the demand, merchants have been trying to find possible ways to expand their businesses globally. Very often, the selling price of goods and service will be relatively more expensive compared to its original price due to the high charges of international bank transfer fees.

International Funds Transfer Service
eprotections provides customised payment service that suits all individual or business needs

Global Payment Collection

eprotections assists companies to collect payments from overseas clients. We narrow the gap between global businesses and their clients shopping experience. Through eprotections, payments are made easier, safer and faster.

International Remittance

eprotections remittance service allows companies to receive payment in their local currencies when payments made by their clients, are in their local currencies.

Credit Card Service

Credit card service enhances both clients check out experience and merchants payment collection process. Instant checkout API features can be integrated to your company website interface .

Why choose eprotections
Service fees will significantly be reduced to one-fifth of regular bank charges
Get real time updates on the status of your payment receivables
There will be no daily limitations on the amount of funds or the number of transactions
Efficient and effective money transfer service for individuals and businesses

Start minimising costs and maximise opportunities today

eprotections eases the burden of business operational costs for overseas remittance. Our convenient payment solution has benefited companies in global expansion.

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