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We provide Payment Collection Services

eprotections eases the burden of costs and complex operations of overseas payment remittance. It’s a secure & reliable payment settlement service that many companies are using.
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eprotections was founded by financial specialists who have worked for city banks and credit card companies for years and other professionals specialized in the financial system, aiming at offering a revolutionary financial service.

eprotections Payment Collection Service
eprotections nowadadys provides the most customized service for collection and payment

Service for receiving payments from Japan

We assist overseas seller companies collect and receive payments from Japanese corporate and individual customers. It’s a payment agent service that addresses all the needs of merchant and content businesses. We will prepare designated bank accounts in Japan for overseas companies newly adopting our service.

Service for Overseas Companies

We assist collection and settlement of payments made by and between overseas companies. eprotections provides support for payment collection operations resulting from cross-border transactions conducted by and between overseas companies.

Service for Credit card payment settlement

We offer a simple & easy solution to accepting credit card payments by introducing a credit card payment settlement service that supports processing of all 5 major credit card companies, which will help boost your sales and reduce administrative costs.

Why we choose eprotections

eprotections solution for saving on international bank transfer fees & payment receipt notification service

The costs of international bank transfer fees will be significantly reduced.
The cost savings achieved by using eprotections will help boost your business profits.
The administrative burden of checking the payment receipt status will be eased.
No limit on the amount or the number of payments received. Batch CSV download processing is also available.
Real-time checking & notification of payment receipt status (e-mail notification,designated administration page).
Details of received payments can be included in e-mail notifications
eprotections has superiority

Today in corporate commercial transactions, payments are settled increasingly via the method of international bank transfer. The more payments are made through international bank transfer, the heavier burden of cost of transfer fees. As a solution for your need to mitigate this, we introduce eprotections solution for saving your transfer fees.

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